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Wayback Wednesday: Air n Electricity Showcase, December 10th 2019

6 months ago today, Air n Electricity hosted their exemplar showcase at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston.

The show was the third ‘showcase’ from Air n Electricity, the Southampton and Kingston-based underground media conglomerate. Previous shows from AnE included The Stage Door in Southampton Guildhall Square, and a date set for April 11th at Southampton’s The Loft had to be postponed due to lockdown.

One of many things praiseworthy of AnE is the selection of the artists that they choose to work with. As seen in the below highlight reel of the December 10th 2019 showcase, AnE’s artists don’t just sound good on tape but also know how to move the crowd. Stage presence is a huge part of being an emcee; everybody and their mama's got a rap song, but to take the mic and command the stage is a skill that takes pride and charisma. See for yourself how the audience reacts to the artists.

V.I.C, the first artist to take the mic that night half a year ago, said of the event: “That night was a pretty mad night.

“That was my first show of the year and my second Air n Electricity event. It was the most packed-out one I had been to. I opened the event off with a few songs - the energy was there. For me it meant a lot, actually, to be able to start off the year with a properly energetic show. And, I also debuted a few new songs to the crowd, who enjoyed it.”

V.I.C’s style is characterised by a smooth delivery and articulate pronunciation. As a Reading uni student, he told SOuthside of his journey to make the event: “There were a lot of train delays and we were taking the train. I came with three of my mates - getting there wasn’t a stress, we got there 1 hour before it started, but on the way back the train schedule was messed up and what should have been a 1 hour 45 minute trip took 3-4 hours."

Air n Electricity logo

East London artist, producer, fellow

University of Reading and AnE affiliate L!MA said of the night “I enjoyed it, man. The energy was nice...I had a crazy story behind that. I go to uni at Reading, so I had two assignments due but I still came down for that one show. And, like, it was so great that people was really vibing cause I was going through stuff to go there fam and for it to actually pan out the way it did was amazing. I loved it. That show was amazing.” The show, hosted by esteemed DJ Harold Bostock, was six months ago tonight and serves as a milestone in Air n Electricity’s expansion.

AnE look forward to resuming live shows post-lockdown with their impressive cast including Giv3n, Aiki, V.I.C and YGM, amongst others. Until then, you can keep up with their socials @airnelectricity and subscribe to their YouTube channel, which is currently running a regular online talk show titled AEYE 2 AEYE, hosted by AnE founder Antonio Chikhungu.

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