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Subject 13 releases hard-hitting rap record with MC Conscious Route, Dripping Sauce

Genre-transcendent producer Subject 13 added to his legacy with Dripping Sauce, a conscious rap record in collaboration with London emcee & poet Conscious Route.

Hackney local Subject 13 has leaned into many genres over his 30-year career, from jazz-step and tough-edged drum & bass to the hip hop sounds of Dripping Sauce, the new single for R&S records. On the track, Conscious Route’s formidable flows are underpinned by S13’s masterful production in a hard-hitting track that’s setting the tone for an album due to release this year.

Above: Conscious Route and Subject 13

The longevity and diversity of Subject 13’s career is only furthered by Dripping Sauce, which has been well-received on YouTube in its inaugural month.

Be sure to keep up with Subject 13 by following the storied producer on Instagram.

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