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Southampton-based rapper, Deore, releases music video for his new single, ‘Peace’

Netherlands-born, Southampton-based rapper Deore has released his new single titled Peace, with an accompanying music video produced by Eyeglass Films. 24-year-old Deore is quickly building momentum in the music scene, known for using a calming cadence to deliver deep, thought-provoking lyrical content.

In just his second attempt at an audio/visual output, Deore’s music video for Peace brings with it a notion oft-overlooked in modern rap: awareness, both of self and the other, which includes the knowledge that not everything is known. Peace sustains the explorative themes of questioning and wonderance set by his earlier releases - Mystery and Escape, in particular - which are a breath of fresh air from the ever-obnoxious, violent and braggadocious hip hop omnipresent in both the underground and the mainstream.

“Moving to England was a new beginning for me - a chance to start over again”

Deore - birth name David Arinzechukwu George - says: “I wrote Peace in the middle of summer 2022. I’d just moved to Southampton, UK, leaving behind a bad situation in Belgium, where I was residing beforehand. Moving to England was a new beginning for me - a chance to start over again. But, even though things were going better for me over here, I still felt uncomfortable and unrest. The concept of the song is searching for peace of mind, and that’s something you’ll keep hearing in the song. I’m looking for calmness in my own mind. This is me, venting to nobody else but myself.”

The music video for Peace, released on Deore’s YouTube Channel at 6pm GMT on February 16th, 2023, was shot in London by Max Dent and Felix Samuels of Eyeglass Films.

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