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Sharifa releases dark trap track “Too Much”

Today, February 27th 2023, Sharifa released his latest single titled Too Much. It tells the tale of a female companion, presumably girlfriend, falling victim to suicide. TOO MUCH has a Travis Scott influence with a dark and intimate twist. The trap drums mixed with honest RnB vocals create an intense atmosphere that can only be understood by either listening to the track or, better, watching the music video.

Sharifa’s artistry is growing in depth, demonstrated by the accompanying music video for Too Much which expresses the unique, unusual, and eerie lyrics. It achieves this not only through the contextualising powers of music videos, but also through the visual art Sharifa has set out to produce with the piece - visual storytelling that transcends the ‘obvious’ and appeals to the subliminal.

The artist is an 18-year-old musician, producer, artist and DJ working different genres - most notably rap, pop, R&B and alternative. Sharifa is a producer, and a multi-instrumentalist to boot. He layers sounds from instruments onto DAW’s and then records his hip-hop and pop lyricism over the top. On the basis of what we’ve seen from today’s release, I think it’s fair to say his BRIT School education is starting to pay off already.

Listen to the track on Spotify, watch the video on YouTube, and follow Sharifa on Instagram.

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