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Exclusive: Shannon B Discusses Debut Single "Limited"

Southampton-based singer/songwriter Shannon B's anticipated debut solo release is set to drop this Monday, June 1st.

Titled Limited, Shannon B's first solo release is set to drop on Monday. Shannon B is a well-known name in the Southampton area. Born and bred in the SO, Shannon's had a long-lasting musical career within the region - her collaborations list expanding from Riskology Radcliffe to FooR & Tyrone, as well as being a regular performer with renowned 9-piece funk and jazz-hop nonet Route2Roots. It's only a wonder why it's taken so long for Shannon to publish a solo effort!

Limited album artwork
The new single's album artwork

But, here it is: Limited drops this Monday, June 1st 2020. Written by Shannon herself and produced by the prestige producer on the SOuthside, Jojo F, Limited points towards being a Summer 2020 anthem. Finally, some news that matches the recent weather. Who ever said the media is all doom and gloom?

In an exclusive with SOuthside, Shannon tells that "In all honesty, Limited was just a fun and easy song to make - there wasn’t any particular thought process behind it. It came together quite quickly, actually. I think [myself and Jojo] had wrapped up another project we were working on and had some time left, so we were just playing around looking at different sounds and started to build it from there. Put together some percussion and a basic sound, looped the little section over and over, wrote continuously and by the end of the session it was basically written.

"The title came about as I tend to have one-word titles, and it’s usually the first title its given - 9 out of 10 times, it just sticks. So with Limited, the guy I’m talking about in the track is emotionally and morally limited. I’m over it, it’s sad to me! It isn’t aimed anyone in particular, but I think most people can relate to a situation like this where a relationship has become Limited. It’s stunted in its growth."

Shannon B supporting The Four Owls at The 1865 last year
Shannon B supporting The Four Owls at The 1865 last year. Photography Antoine Schroetter

It's clear that Shannon B's music is of the soul. On why she hasn't published any solo content until now, she elaborates: "I’ve made so much music in the past, but I’m just very protective about my music. I’ve been performing my own stuff live for years, but I’ve been very particular about how and when I put my music out. Maybe I’m a perfectionist, maybe I’m just a little scared. It is such a personal thing to put your music out to the masses, isn’t it?"

"My music will always be culturally important to me"

Perhaps the singer's music is so personal because it expresses not only external influences, but runs deeper into the artist's bloodline. "Limited is definitely influenced by my Jamaican heritage, and love of dancehall and reggae music and Afro beats," she tells SOuthside. "Its definitely got a summer vibe and I see myself with my girls listening and dancing to it.

"My music will always be culturally important to me. It’s an expression of everything that makes me 'me'."

To keep up-to-date with Shannon B, follow her on Instagram at @ShannonBmusic91 and on Facebook at

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