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Scott Vlassis' Latest Release is Rhythmic and Refreshing

Scott Vlassis releases his latest single, Someone Like You. The track features Benny Atlas as co-vocalist, while Matt Saxx is brought in to supply sounds from the alto saxophone. Seemingly on a funk-driven rebrand, Scott Vlassis’ Someone Like You is an upbeat rhythm sure to bring some gusto to your summer.

Having previously blessed listeners with slow jams such as Moonlight, So Long, and earlier this year Talk About Love, Scott Vlassis’ recent releases are more upbeat and funk-driven, when compared with some previous adagio. Vlassis’ newest release, Someone Like You, is an upbeat track full of bassline groove, overlapping harmonies and a sax solo.

It is a stylistic continuation of his song published last month, Crazy About You, which draws from the West Coast RnB genres with harmonic synths, the occasional smooth strings, and polished bass licks leftover from the funk era. Someone Like You brings this funky rhythm, fusing with it acid jazz influence to underpin Vlassis and Benny Atlas’ silky vocals.

“The music industry is cut throat. It’s often hard to find genuine, nice people.”

This funky sound isn’t the only recent sound experimentation of Scott Vlassis’, though - in February, Scott re-released his Never Wanna Let You Go track, this time remixed by house legend Grant Nelson. Vlassis said of his change in sound as of late: “The Grant Nelson collab came through a mutual friend. I have a few people looking out for me who offer help to me in certain areas of my career. Grant heard the song and liked the original, and made a couple of versions which sounded really great. It's nice to have the option of the song turning over into house.

“I just create whatever feels right for the song - if I’ve had something on my mind, I’ll try to make a beat to match the vocal or vice versa. I just love to create music. I have a large catalog of unreleased music that I’m slowly starting to let go.

Someone Like You was a great collab with Benny Atlas and his producer, Dogus. I will always work with nice people. The music industry is cut throat. It’s often hard to find genuine, nice people - Benny is one of those.”

At just 2:46 in length, Someone Like You is a shorter track and - while an 8-minute 12” version with extended instrumentals does sound appealing - its short-but-sweetness works in favour of emphasising the quality of the track, its great production and instrumentals reminiscent of a bygone era.

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