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Meet The 21-Year-Old Videographer Changing The Game

Today, a new music video production company called Lost Cassettes previewed a trailer for their first video release that is coming this Friday (03/07/20). Among the current three men in the crew is Dinkz, a photographer and videographer set on revolutionising British visual arts.

The only known photo of mysterious Dinkz
The only known photo of mysterious Dinkz

A 21-year-old photographer and videographer from Lewisham, South East London, is playing a key role in a new music video production company called Lost Cassettes. Working under the pseudonym Dinkz, the young creative has exhibited flair in both still image and audiovisual outputs. Most notable to date is his portraiture in the former format, and the Endz documentaries for the latter; areas where Dinkz’ creative vision is not only evident, but also thoroughly engaging.

To capture the triad of your viewer’s attention, the subject’s ambition and your own artistic direction as a visual artist requires great skill and attention to detail - something Dinkz' work suggests comes natural to some, as evidenced on his website and Instagram account. Born Ryley Kirby of Lewisham in 1999, Dinkz joins a huge wave of young creative talent spilling out of London. Dinkz explained to SOuthside: “I tend to work with up-and-coming musicians in London like MBS, X Robinho, Malik Issac and Logun. A lot of these people I class as my family, and we are growing together. We work for each other, and all help each other grow.”

Alcudia landscape, as featured in Vogue Italia. Courtesy of

Dinkz is by no means limited to shooting musicians, however. The wiz kid on the urban photography scene has collaborated with Southampton-based modelling agency The Dazey Hills Company, as well as having four landscape images featured by Vogue Italia. On the matter of being featured in Vogue, Dinkz humbly reasons against the honour by saying “That is the only time I’ve been featured in something. My work doesn’t tend to get recognised as it’s very different to your everyday photography. I feel that my work doesn’t fit into the generic stature of the industry - therefore, it doesn’t get featured on magazines and websites. But, that doesn’t bother me - being different is key to starting your own movement and following your own path. You don’t want to be the same as everyone else. You don’t want to fall into the generic pool of photographers and creatives you always see. Being unique is the key to success.”

"Being unique is the key to success"

The enthusiastic words of Dinkz echo the wisdom of legendary hip hop mogul Master P: “It might give you a slow start, but being different is gonna carry you a long way.” If that mindset is anything to go by, Dinkz shows early promise - to replicate even a fraction of Master P’s $200million net worth is to be considered a colossal success. Dinkz is playing an important part in a creative movement spearheaded by zillenials that has already begun transforming British creative culture for generations to come.

Bromley. Courtesy of

In a discussion with SOuthside, Dinkz told that Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade was an early influence for videography, and that “People like XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD really inspired me as I used to sit there and plan music videos for their songs, dreaming one day I could make one for them.” While making a video for either of those early inspirations is sadly no longer a possibility due to each of their untimely deaths, Dinkz’ projects to date have shown no indication of any disheartening. “The project I enjoyed working on most was definitely the Endz documentaries”, he tells SOuthside. “They were so fun to make and I got to create two really powerful pieces that introduce the world to these up-and-coming artists. I also have a few projects coming soon that I’ve really enjoyed creating, so stay tuned for those.”

The latest for Dinkz is the launch of a new three-man music video production company, Lost Cassettes. He says that he can “promise you really aren’t ready for what we have coming.” Their first video will be released on Friday, the trailer for which you can find here. “All of your support will be very, very appreciated,” Dinkz bids: “help launch our business and be a part of a new wave of UK Music!

He closes: “It’s all love.”

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