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MartySoWavey SOUPASTROLOGY: Listen

MartySoWavey released new mixtape SOUPASTROLOGY on Soundcloud last Thursday, 28th of May.

Marty delivers some wavey flows and spacial vibes on this e-tape, particularly on tracks Hizzy and Empathy, the latter a collaborative effort with long-time affiliate Xinas Galactic.

The album intro titled All Day boasts a unique blend of smooth flow reverberated by echoing vocals, a distinctive characteristic of MartySoWavey’s music. The momentarily astronomic beginning to the tape All Day, just 96 seconds in length, is preparatory to the listener for the briefness of the mixtape. SOUPASTROLOGY is barely 20 minutes in length, a ride out to Jupiter that ends as quickly as it started.

The next track is IDCWHT, an initialism for ‘I don’t care what haters think’. This track serves as an advisory message, with Marty questioning the priorities of modern society’s youth before stating in the hook “Haters, all they really wanna be is what they hating”.

SOUPASTROLOGY’s highlight comes penultimately in the tracklist. With the video having been released all the way back in February, Elevate is already a familiar song - but that doesn’t take away from this track’s addictive aurals. The LA-based JahDidDat production is colder than space itself (-270.15°C), perfect in combination with Marty’s interplanetary rhythmic vocals.

Click here, or the album artwork below, to listen to SOUPASTROLOGY on Soundcloud now.

SOUPASTROLOGY album artwork

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