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Maria Cathalina ft. AK - La Luna Video Preview

Maria Cathalina is each bit as good of an artist as she is a host on popular Southampton radio station Voice FM. The “Wasted” singer returns with another music video set to drop at 6:45pm tonight, Friday the 13th of November. The track features prodigious emcee AK and is titled La Luna, the audio already available for streaming on all major platforms.

Maria Cathalina on set for La Luna, photographed by J Holt

We spoke to Maria Cathalina herself, who gave some insight into the project. On the topic of the surprise collaboration with AK, she explained that she was already recording La Luna with her producer who showed her AK’s music. “I expressed the idea of a male rapper as a feature who could bring an urban feel to the Latin-sampled track, and AK completely surprised me when he wrote some of his lyrics in his own language; Swahili. We both come from the same estate in Southampton and it was really special to bring our urban backgrounds and roots all into one track.”

Oh, was it not mentioned? English, Spanish and Swahili are all spoken within the track - hope you’re multilingual!

"The moon is a symbol I’ve connected with"

La Luna as a title is metaphorical. “The song’s about being mesmerised by another individual,” Maria explains. “People are open to take it how they can relate to it - whether the song reminds them of a passionate fling, or some deep romantic feelings immerse. The moon for myself is a symbol I’ve connected with when I think about falling in love under the stars. I guess [La Luna] developed from that idea.”

This track offers itself to be taken to a national level of recognition. It’s got everything: Latin strings on the instrumental, a Spanish hook, great vocals, a rap guest verse and some fire production from none other than JoJo F. Bring that track to a video shoot with LG Vision and what releases tonight is the product of an all-star cast.

Screen grab from the anticipated La Luna video via YouTube

With the video dropping at 6:45pm, we’ll soon see if Maria Cathalina surpasses the levels of success she saw with her first music video back in April.

Be sure to follow @maria.cathalina and @datsreallyak on Instagram to keep up to date with La Luna and each subsequent project from these exciting and greatly promising artists.

Tap the La Luna cover art below to listen.

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