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Mad Rai - Super Eagle Punk Review

This is not for the faint-hearted. Mad Rai’s music blends a wide variety of sounds to amalgamate into a very distinctive sound that can only be understood by listening to it. Super Eagle Punk is the latest single in the developing Mad Rai legend, and has set precedence for his Price 4 Hell EP set to release in the coming weeks. If The Source was rating this release, such an unconventional style is unlikely to fare very well. Thankfully, this is SOuthside Magazine, and we’ll give it an easy 5 out of 5 mics.

Mad Rai's distinctive sound is like an early Yung Lean, DMX, scarlxrd amalgamation of Nigerian goth rap

We spoke with Mad Rai on yesterday’s release of Super Eagle Punk, the single from his upcoming Price 4 Hell EP. He said “I strive to be as alternative with music as possible because I am an eccentric person and believe your personality should be cohesive with your art form. The covers for every song leading up to the EP have been planned out and each song cover has a deeper meaning or story within it.”

Price 4 Hell is no exception to this, the title itself bearing deeper meaning; Mad Rai explained “The number 4 to me has always been my angel number - it signifies balance, and in certain religions it shows harmony. My understanding of the number 4 is a balance with rage and peace, and that both used effectively together can form something higher than what they can do individually. Ying and yang, in a certain sense.” The EP is the latest in a series of efforts by Mad Rai and OMNI VOS SCIO, Rai’s executive producer and art director.

“Where I’m from, people have a linear understanding of how music should sound like and what it should be”

The mysterious Nigerian artist, managed by the charismatic AnE co-founder Antonio Chikhungu, maintains a hidden identity - though, he did let on that he’s operating from Kent, London and Lagos after having left Southsea. “Where I’m from, people have a linear understanding of how music should sound like and what it should be,” he explained. “But growing up I was always interested in rock, hip hop, punk and alternative music, so I wanted to express my love for all of these genres in my EP

“Tracks like Super Eagle Punk is an homage to where I am from Nigeria, but in my own way being on a futuristic trap mosh pit beat, whereas tracks like DWD show rage in the form of love and lust.

“Anticipate the Price 4 Hell EP coming sooner than ever. Listen and mosh with me to Super Eagle Punk!”

Click the artwork below to listen to Super Eagle Punk (strongly recommended).

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