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Mad Rai: Angst Is Born Album Prereview

This Friday, October 29th 2021, Mad Rai releases the next in his series of rage with Angst Is Born. A 7-track tape that prequels his previous works, Mad Rai’s looking to take things to the next level with this one as he involves an animated visual element to the project.

Mad Rai is set to release his latest project, Angst Is Born, this Friday. Mad Rai discussed with SOuthside the message and the motivation behind Angst Is Born, a hell-raising mixtape telling the story of how the rage was born within him.

Angst Is Born album cover by Omni Vos Scio.

Throughout Mad Rai’s cover arts, there has been a series of eerie figures. He explained that this figure is the embodiment of rage. Angst Is Born tells the tale of how this entity entered his body. Mad Rai explained the story of his high school crush in Nigeria: “She punished me for falling in love with her.

“She made me feel like shit for having emotions towards her. The girl I fell in love with opened Pandora’s Box, and she became a demon - hence the figure [on the album cover] - the body chose me. And that’s why there’s 7 songs: one song to represent each of the Seven Sins.

“I’m trying to create this world where music is a movie and is telling a story, and this is the prequel.” Mad Rai also dropped a clue into a future project Africa’s Angst, for which he is currently networking with other UK African artists to display and communicate their rage.

“This album is to show that rage is not just aggressiveness - rage is sadness, rage is everything.”

Angst Is Born tracklist & sleeve reverse by Omni Vos Scio.

For this project, and likely for more again in the future, Mad Rai has teamed up with a Venezuelan graphic artist to produce 3D artwork - namely, the devilish figure that's been incorporated into Omni Vos Scio's cover art.

“We want to make it a movie. We’re talking about VR shit. We want to take it to the next level that people haven’t seen in the underground with no support.”

Mad Rai is propelling into the next phase with an awesome tape, a killer live show and a dedicated fanbase. Remember - you can’t spell ‘gangsta’ without spelling ‘angst’.

Angst is Born. Friday October 29th. Catch Mad Rai live on the same night at Babel Art House in Stoke Newington during the first Air n Electricity x Mystik Sound collaborative event, doors 8pm.


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