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London-based collective breathing new life into Southampton Drum n Bass scene

GrubHub, a London-based collective of Drum n Bass DJs and MCs are putting their spin on South Coast DnB events. Starting with their event last Thursday night at Tokyo Bar in Bedford Place, Southampton, which ran from 5pm ‘til 1am, the inaugural South Coast GrubHub event featured a long list of local DnB talent and the Bristol-based Bruk as the show’s headliner.

Bruk in the booth at Tokyo. Photo credit Georgia Skene

The February 3rd show was largely organised by GrubHub’s Farmz, who is from London but has relocated to Southampton for university. Farmz said of the event: “We’re all really happy with how things went. If you asked any of us a year ago where we saw GrubHub after a year of operation, none of us would’ve thought we’d have seen this kind of success. To get a room full of people shouting your brand’s name at you is a feeling that can’t really be put into words. It started off slowly, but by 9pm the room was full.”

Farmz told SOuthside that next on the cards for GrubHub is a potential full-length LP. “All the songs will be by artists we feel are closely related to us as an organisation. We’ve released a number of singles over the past year, and we think it’s time to finally release a complete piece of work”.

The first two tiers of tickets to the event at Tokyo last Thursday night sold out despite the date clashing with a Shy FX show at local superclub Switch, and the response from partygoers appeared to be extremely positive. MCs Kryonic & Key - together, K2 - supported the DJs for a section of the night which also brought on a great response from the crowd.

You can keep up with GrubHub through their Instagram by clicking here.

Gallery - all photographs by Georgia Skene:

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