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Lewisham Creative Releases Debut Photo Book

Lewisham-based photographer and videographer Dinkz has released his photo book Dinkz Vs The World. Dinkz’ photo book primarily displays portraiture by the lensman who often shoots fellow creatives in London and around the South. It’s his first project put into a physical format for public release, and early looks at it are pretty impressive.

Above: an early look into Dinkz Vs The World.

In June 2020, SOuthside spoke to Dinkz regarding his then-new music video production company, Lost Cassettes. Dinkz has continued the productivity, this month releasing his photo book Dinkz Vs The World. We spoke to the creator Dinkz about the project to get the down low on the focus, the direction of the project, and what the photo book means to him.

SOuthside: What are the typical image subjects in Dinkz Vs The World?

Dinkz: Dinkz vs The World is primarily portraits of people who have helped me across my creative journey. Some of them are from one-off shoots, while some of them have become close friends of mine. I wanted this book to not only represent me but represent them, too. It’s like a chapter in their life that they can look back to in 5 to 10 years and see how far they’ve come. I think that’s so cool - people can look back and use my project as almost their staple in history.

S: Over what time period were the exhibited pieces shot?

D: There are photos in This book that go back to the start of my creative journey, since first year of university. I couldn’t fit them all in, to be honest, and there are so many more that I wanted to feature in it. I didn’t want the book to just show recent work you get me, I wanted to show the journey I have been on and how my work has developed overtime.

S: For how long has creating a picture book been an idea, or a work in progress for you?

D: I wanted to make it for such a long time, I just didn’t think I was ever ready. This book is my first and only photo book I will ever release, and I wanted to make it special. I didn’t want to rush. I’ve been working on it for about a year now, and - having finally released it - it feels like I’ve actually completed something. It’s been a fun journey, and I can’t wait to start more - whether that be under Dinkz, or something completely different.

S: What’s the story that you’re trying to tell with Dinkz Vs The World?

D: The story I’m trying to tell is just ‘be yourself’, man. I know the worth of my work, and I know what it stands for. It represents me as a person and as a creative. There is a lot of heart and thought behind each of my photos, and I hope people can vibe with that. The story I’m trying to tell is my own, the story of me and how I’ve developed as a person. It’s been really nice to put it out in a physical format.

Dinkz Vs The World is available to buy now by tapping here.

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