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Kasey Couzens Speaks on Receiving Voice FM Award

We sat down with Kasey Couzens on Zoom to discuss his win in the Homegrown Male Artist of the Year category of Voice FM’s first ever annual awards.

At 9am on Thursday 4th of June, Voice FM opened the voting for their Homegrown Male Artist of the Year category in the first ever annual Voice FM awards. The voting was to last just 15 hours - until 11:59pm of the same day - and was held through Facebook and Twitter. KC received more votes than anybody else in that category, and was announced the winner last night, Saturday the 6th, through a video Voice FM uploaded to social media channels.

Voice FM nomination graphic, courtesy of Voice FM on Facebook
Voice FM nomination graphic, courtesy of Voice FM on Facebook

On receiving the greatest number of votes through the Facebook and Twitter polls, Kasey explained “I didn’t think I was gonna win it. There was a Twitter poll and I haven’t got Twitter, which is my fault - I should be on Twitter, but I just don’t use it. I’m on Instagram and Facebook.” Despite not being exposed to or being able to promote one half of the platform for voting, Kasey’s fanbase still turned out enough votes for the Not Paying Attention rapper to prevail. “I didn’t find out til halfway through the day”, he confesses, “I was like ‘oh nah’, so I was like ‘everyone, if you’re gonna do it, just do it through Facebook’ - and it pulled through.”

There were many other notable nominations and awardees, including a Shannon B nomination for Homegrown Female Artist of the Year and Tyrone x Warbz winning the Homegrown Single of the Year award for their track Glow, which hit our speakers back in March.

On getting nominated, Kasey elaborated on a hard-to-pinpoint conflict of emotions. He told SOuthside “The way I look at it, it’s like, if I bring out a body of work or an impactful thing then it’s like ‘yeah, I should’ve been nominated’, do you know what I’m saying? But to me, I’m sort-of warming up for what’s to come. But this is why this has happened at a good time because everything’s coming now.”

He continued, leaking about a new release: “My new single’s literally out in a couple of weeks, so that’s gonna be good. This is me warming up with remixes and a couple singles here and there that I’ve been doing, warming up for the big album towards the end of the year.

No stranger to Voice FM - KC pictured with Riskology Radcliffe at Voice FM, March 2019
No stranger to Voice FM - KC pictured with Riskology Radcliffe at Voice FM's HQ, March 2019

“The new single’s called Oh Yeah. That’s a banger, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done - we’re literally going through the video process now. It’s just gonna be fun, creative. Comedy in there. It’s just gonna be a laugh, you know? It’s a feel-good vibe, so I’m just gonna have fun with it and hope everyone else does, really.”

The Voice FM Homegrown Male Artist of the Year is holding back information on the aforementioned album - at least for now. He told SOuthside: “The album, I’m not gonna release much about that bruv. I know what I’m doing now though - for a while, I didn’t know what I was gonna do...but I know exactly what I’m doing now so I’m happy with that. Got the whole plan written out, so yeah. Ready.”

As a closing note, Kasey had a message for the fans: “Thank you to everyone that voted, this has been mad. My phone ain’t stopped ringing - it’s literally constant, man. It’s been absolutely crazy, I didn’t ever expect anything like this, so yeah. Thank you to all of them, big up Voice FM, big up all the Southampton artists and yeah man, we’ll all pull through together.”

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