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Hannah Lev Drops New Single Thread Count

London-based alternative R&B artist Hannah Lev brings out new single, Thread Count.

Hannah Lev is an alternative R&B producer and singer-songwriter, describing her own sound as “spooky R&B”; contrasting softly-sung vocals with electronic and hip hop-inflected beats to create a uniquely ethereal, melancholic sound. There is no better introduction to this aesthetic than her latest single, Thread Count, which released yesterday alongside an accompanying music video.

The short, self-produced track - just 2:08 in length - explores how memories stand the test of time. How do memories overlap; they challenge one another, enmesh with each other. In her Hannah Lev’s latest single, memories are metaphorised with threads - playing on the notion of ‘the fabric of time’, asking “what’s the thread count?”.

“I wanted to capture that same dreamlike, liminal feeling in the music video”

Such electronically calming, yet sorrowful and thoughtful audio first came to public view when Hannah Lev released her debut EP Scaffold back in 2019. Over time, she has developed her spacy chords into the sound we hear in Thread Count. She told SOuthside of the new release: “Thread Count is a playful and contemplative track that combines elements of bass-heavy dance and electronic with alternative R&B. The song explores the way memories overlap and collapse when returning to a place where many significant events have taken place – as the hook asks, got the fabric of time, what’s the thread count?/ sorting through all these memories, tryna find out. I wanted to capture that same dreamlike, liminal feeling in the music video by using a night vision camera and by incorporating blur into the visuals – a choice inspired by one of my favourite photographers, Ming Smith.”

Thread Count is now ready to stream on your favourite platform, which can be found through these links:

Spotify - Apple Music - SoundCloud - YouTube

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