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Glaswegian Rpizy's Solo Debut Releases this Thursday

This Thursday, July 7th, Glasgow’s Rpizy releases his debut solo effort titled WestRoad. With a sound influenced by his Nigerian heritage, Rpizy exhibits cross-cultural influences in a distinctive-yet-digestible sound.

The Glaswegian Rpizy.

The debut solo EP by Glaswegian artist Rpizy (pronounced Ar-pizzee) titled WestRoad is set to release on Thursday, 7th of July 2022. Somewhat of a multi-genre project, the 4-track EP merges the smoovness of r&b with swingin’ rap alongside Rpizy’s inherent afrobeat undertones, topped off with vibraphones and synths that ensure each track feels like driving through meadowy fields on a summer's evening as floral scents fill the air under an orange-tinged sunset.

If you’re not fortunate enough to be outside enjoying the weather right now, let’s compare Rpizy’s WestRoad to a freshly-cleaned, air-conned, open-plan room with the windows ajar while sunshine beams in, bringing with its warmth a gentle breeze. In any case, it’s a refreshing summer sound with honest lyrics and high-level production.

“At a difficult time in my life I made the decision to follow my heart. to do what I love to do most. This represents my debut to the world showcasing my work, my sounds, my stories. WestRoad is more than just a debut, it's a door into my world” says Rpizy, who produced all the tracks on the upcoming project except for the closing track, ‘SOLO’.

Rpizy is a unique producer; it’s incredible to be so multi-talented

Managed by Sai Jagota of Duke Records, Rpizy also has two music videos from the EP coming out next month: the ‘SUNRISE’ music video releases on Monday July 11th, while the ‘Everybody’ video is set to drop on Tuesday 26th.

Rpizy is currently working on a 7-track joint album for which he’s produced all 7 tracks; we’ll be waiting on this release eagerly, along with the aforementioned WestRoad music videos.

Highlights: The opening track, ‘RIDEWITHYOU’. In addition to this, Rpizy is a unique producer; it’s incredible to be so multi-talented.

Lowlights: The one track Rpizy didn’t produce - the final track, ‘SOLO’ - though, while the production is seamless, feels as though it lacks the same depth of sound and cross-cultural influence that otherwise defines Rpizy’s artistry, which otherwise gives him a real USP.

The bottom line: WestRoad is a great debut solo EP showing plenty of promise from a talented producer and vocalist. You can follow Rpizy ahead of the release through these links:

Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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