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Elcee The Alchemist to Drop First Single Under New Name

Elcee The Alchemist, formerly just Elcee, is set to release his first single under the new pseudonym. Born to parents in London with the birth name Logan, Elcee moved to Manchester to study music production at university and has since set up a foundation there. The single is titled The Alchemist, and will be released this Friday, 18th of June.

The name Elcee came first from a graffiti tag, where Elcee’s initials were L.C. He reused the name for his emcee title, and has now tagged on The Alchemist to the end. “I truly am an alchemist”, Elcee told SOuthside in a Zoom interview last week. “Elcee could be anyone, but Elcee The Alchemist is who I am. My creation process definitely feels like alchemy: the way I make new things out of old things, or put all these random things together to make these weird ass sounds.

“Holy shit. I am an alchemist!”

“But also, upon further researching true alchemy, I’m like, ‘holy shit. I am an alchemist!’ I believe in what they believe in, and I’m fascinated by it all.”

Elcee begun honing his craft my freestyling over instrumentals every morning in the shower. Now, with a newfound purpose and message to send, Elcee The Alchemist is back with a new single.

The new single The Alchemist is “about a journey of self discovery, reflection, ups and downs”, explained Elcee The Alchemist. The music video will drop on 18/06/21, and Elcee is due to perform the song for the first time on June 21st at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester.

You can learn more at

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