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Criminal ease, kitty cat steez: rextropxssy’s SPEEDING

London-based creative retropxssy’s latest track, SPEEDING, is the aural embodiment of her live performances: frenetic, punky, powerful, and - best of all - entirely original. Retropxssy’s latest is best heard through a set of good headphones, second only to the experience of the live show. Some seriously cool production by HAIRYMUFFINMAN (a/k/a JoeJas) brings the keys, treble, and 808 bass this track so thoroughly deserves.

If you have never been to a retropxssy live show, it really is a unique experience. We first came across retropxssy at an Air n Electricity (aNe) show in East London during the summer of 2021. Naturally demanding the focus of the audience non-verbally, retropxssy personifies a multifarious version of femininity that is triangulated by her genre-defying music. It emanates confidence and originality - traits that become intensified during her eccentric live performances.

SPEEDING, the sound of being naughty, is an ode to that live performance. Retro’s line “Criminal ease, kitty cat steez” is exemplary of the juxtaposition of ‘edgy’ and ‘cute’ she can balance harmoniously, then lean either way at will - in the case of SPEEDING, that balance is weighted towards the former's end of the spectrum rather than the latter's.

Retropxssy’s latest release, SPEEDING, is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. See more from retropxssy here:

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