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Clubhouse Collective run Creative Networking Party with Max Fosh & Jay Alsop

Tuesday just past, 22/2/22, Clubhouse Collective hosted a creative networking party at The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London. The three-hour event included a one hour Q&A with YouTubers Zac Alsop, of The Zac and Jay Show, and Max Fosh. The night was the first in what is set to be a regular residency of Clubhouse at The Roundhouse cafe.

Zac pictured by @finnethanrichardson on Instagram

With the doors opening at 7pm, Clubhouse’s inaugural networking party at The Roundhouse kicked off with some cold beverages from the bar. Zac Alsop and Max Fosh, two YouTubers whose first big breakthroughs came as a result of the same video - We Faked a model to the top of Fashion Week, which has amassed some 28 million YouTube views - were in attendance at the event, and sat down for an hour from 8pm to answer questions from an intimate audience.

The pair gave insights into their own careers up until this point, provided advice on the most effective and ethical methods to grow an audience as a new content creator, and spoke on specific topics such as how best to title a YouTube video. Zac gave out two free hats, and did a ‘ping’, ‘pong’ call and response to win a pair of custom sneakers. Max and Zac stuck around after the Q&A which finished at 9pm, until The Roundhouse cafe shut its doors around 10.

Screenshot, @clubhouse.collective on Instagram

Max even took the time to speak to our editor through Instagram DM the day after the event, recommending methods to conceptualise new and original content based on his own creative process. One particular method Max explained, emphasising quantity, is to: “Write down 100 ideas, go away and come back after two days. Look at those hundred, and see if you can add anything to those existing ideas.”

Clubhouse's inaugural networking party went well, with feedback from attendees being extremely positive. This event sold out, and demand for the next one is already high - so it's best to be sure to secure a ticket when the opportunity arises to avoid being disappointed when they sell out.

Early rumours look at the next event in the series to be held in early April. All updates will come from Clubhouse Collective’s Instagram account.

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