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Big Rebz' New Album Has 15 Features

The Romford-based Big Rebz is due to release Irritable Vowel Syndrome, his third album that hosts a plethora of features, on Monday the 7th of March. The album’s 19 tracks took 15 features and 2 producers to put together, with Big Rebz’ intention to be for the album to propel at least one artist's career.

Big Rebz elaborated to SOuthside on his direction with the Irritable Vowel Syndrome album - the title track (video above) being an obvious play on words of the infamous IBS - explaining that he was trying to feature as many independent artists as possible to potentially give them the boost they need to break through.

“This is for the independents bro,” he told SOuthside. “I just want them all to make it”. Along the way, Big Rebz also accumulated some larger names to feature on the album including Mic Righteous and Reks. See below for the album artwork and sleeve reverse.

Tracks from Irritable Vowel Syndrome have already been receiving radio play since weeks before the release date; Yellow Brick Road, a track featuring Mic Righteous and Lost Petal, and produced by Big Rebz’ long-time affiliate MR2, was on Kiss FM just last week. MR2 produced the majority of the album - piecing together 16 of its 19 tracks - so IVS will maintain that MR2 sound. “MR2 has been an absolute beast on this album”, Big Rebz told SOuthside.

From left to right: Big Rebz, Geo Martinez, and MR2 at Ampthill Festival last year.

Some of the tunes on the upcoming album will be weighty. “White (featuring Whettz) is a really deep tune. It’s about being stuck on cocaine and how life can be really bad… There's another track on there called I’m Sorry, which tells the story of my life.” Big Rebz denoted “This album has been a really big inspiration for me. I wanted to tell a bit about my life.”

Big Rebz’ third album has been over a year in the making, and will be released on Monday, the 7th of March. You’ll be able to find Irritable Vowel Syndrome on Spotify and Apple Music, with updates coming from Big Rebz’ Instagram page.

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