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Image courtesy of ygmofficial1 on instagram


by Bruin White 18/02/2020

PayoVVS releases new single on Valentine's day titled GUTTERTALK.

PayoVVS of Kent-based duo YGM drops an effortlessly impressive R&B single on Valentine's day. Accompanying Payo's falsetto vocals is some masterful production by Kid Goran, who captures the sounds to create the perfect love song on this track. GUTTERTALK is an attuned harmony of reflection and ambition, setting the 2020s off strong for Payo and YGM.

The I Love Girls artist was last in Southampton on October 5th of last year performing at The Stage Door with underground media conglomerate Air n Electricity, alongside YGM partner D Young. Is it time for YGM's return to the SO?

Below: GUTTERTALK lyric video

YGM Official Youtube

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